JSS is one amazing barn. Ever since my horse and I moved to Jasmin’s, we both became instantly happier and worked so much better as a team. Jasmin is an excellent rider and her love for horses is unmatched. As a rider, Jasmin helped me accomplish all of my goals and achieve things I would have never imagined possible. In addition to Jasmin’s amazing training and riding skills, the care for the horses at JSS is impeccable. Manuel does an outstanding job with all of the horses at the barn. I learned an incredible amount being a part of the JSS team and I am forever thankful I got the chance to be able to ride and be a part of this amazing barn.

Jordyn Hechter, San Diego, CA

Jasmin consistently provides a compassionate and detailed approach to management of her horses. She is an accomplished equestrian and is a knowledgeable advocate of the industry.

Dr. Paul McClellan, San Marcos, CA

I cannot recommend Jasmin and Manuel enough! After riding my entire hunter/jumper career of 15+ years with one trainer who took me from a 7 year old pony hunter to the big leagues in the jumper ring, I was wary about finding a new trainer to live up to the bar set by my trainer in Oregon. I’m also a polo instructor and start a lot of green horses, so I want to be with a trainer who can help me build upon a solid foundation and years of experience with respect, knowledge, and great horsemanship. Jasmin is all of those things and more! She is an incredible rider and a great instructor for any level of rider. She’s very patient with my constant “higher, bigger, faster” requests and has helped bring my young jumper along in a conscious, purposeful way. Lessons at Jasmin’s always feel super personal and her investment in each of her clients is obvious. Manuel is one of the best horseman I’ve ever been around and you could not entrust your horse to a better barn manager! The cherry on top is the community of riders Jasmin and Manuel have fostered at JSS – you instantly become a member of the family, and will end up with a great group of friends that you’ll want to spend time with in and out of the barn. I’m so happy to call JSS “home” – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran I highly recommend coming to Jasmin’s.

Erin Lane Luth, San Diego, CA

Come ride at Jasmin Stair Stables. You’ll be glad you did! Jasmin is a fantastic teacher. She is really patient and makes every lesson fun. I’ve learned a ton since coming to ride with her. She and Manuel take exceptional care of the horses. They go the extra mile to make sure the horses are healthy and happy and it shows. It’s a super friendly group of riders as well. Everyone supports each other at shows and we have some great barn parties throughout the year just for fun! So glad I found JSS!

Emilie Gaffney, Carlsbad, CA

My daughter has been riding for 13 years, we have only had a few different trainers as she has stayed for many years with each. Jasmin is as good and kind as they come. She has an incredible love of horses and a patience with riders that is unmatched. She is reliable, a great communicator, an excellent teacher, and very intuitive about what horses need. I trust her so much and she always come though making great decisions for our horses and my daughter.

Heather A., Encinitas, CA

Jasmin has taken care of our horse during his recovery from surgery. Her services were highly recommended by a local veterinarian. We’re so pleased with the way she cared for all our horse’s needs, followed the recovery protocol, and communicated with us regularly. She follows through and is extremely dependable. She has a real love for horses and treats them as if they were her own. Our horse is making an excellent recovery thanks to her great care.

CR, San Diego, CA

I have been riding with Jasmin Stair stables for a while now and absolutely love it! It’s like a second home for me. Every one there is extremely friendly and helpful. Whenever we’re at shows or even just heading out for a lesson there’s always someone ready to help. Jasmin Stair is an amazing trainer for all level riders I don’t know where I would be without her. I have seen her work with so many people in so many different levels and help them achieve their goals in riding no matter how big or small they may be. Any one who has the chance to ride with Jasmin is lucky because they will have an amazing extremely fun experience.

G. Stillman, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Jasmin Stair has created a unique environment combining top level training, surrounded by wonderful staff, riders, and horses. Jasmin Stair Stables feels like a family, which I imagine can be a rare combination with such an accomplished stable. Our daughter has thrived here along with the other wonderful riders and their horses.

D. Palmatier, Encinitas, CA

Jasmin is an impeccable rider and trainer but more importantly she is a phenomenal horsewoman…this is something that should never be discounted. I was very fortunate in finding her as I have a challenging horse who is all but a pussy cat in her care. It is such a delight to have a happy, immaculately turned out horse and my riding improve. Thank you Jasmin!

April D., Mission Beach, CA

I had two lame horses and my vet had given up on both. One can now be expected to return to jumping and the other is enjoying trotting again. Jasmin is a miracle worker and both my horses love and trust her. I have the highest regard for her horsemanship, care and training.

Karen L., Los Angeles, CA

Jasmin is an excellent rider and a great teacher. She is extremely conscientious, giving equal care to horse and rider. She has a great work ethic and is fun at shows. I highly recommend her to both adult and junior riders.

Janice G., Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Jasmin has been training my daughter who is a new rider and she simply loves her lessons. It is the highlight of her week. Jasmin manages to pay attention to the details of riding and reinforces the basics while still adding challenge to the lessons and keeping pace with my daughters learning and ability. She is also very generous with her time and information. She went so far as to accompany us to the tack store in order to try on show coats and find the right price, size and fit. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I would encourage anyone to visit her school and give it a try.

Nadine C., Vista, CA

Jasmin is an amazing trainer for both people and horses. After just a few weeks, I can see a big difference in my riding. She takes the time to really assess your skills and then helps you understand exactly what you are doing incorrectly. I also appreciate the fact that she pays attention to the basic skills and makes sure you get them down instead of rushing you to the jumps before you are ready. On the horse front, my horse is much healthier and happier in the few weeks he has been in Jasmin’s program. He is easier to ride and Jasmin has already fixed several of his quirks. I fully recommend Jasmin to anyone just beginning or anyone looking to improve their skills.

Sabrina P., San Diego, CA

Jasmin is a wonderful rider and trainer. I showed with her all summer long. I was champion at every show. She is great at prepping your horse for you and giving you confidence before you enter the ring. I had her show my horse in two hunter derbies and she won both of them at Showpark. I like a trainer that can both ride and give lessons. I would highly recommend her for someone looking to win in the show ring.

Allison S., AZ

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