Check out Jasmin’s Tips for Remembering Your Course


Sometimes you just need to get your tips and tricks straight from the trainer’s mouth? Jasmin lends her expertise to the Equestrian Confidential blog, sharing tips for remembering your course.


  • Give yourself extra time
  • Walk your exact track
  • Visualize your course
  • Take a walk
  • Know your strides
  • Don’t fake it
  • Take a picture

Do you panic about learning your jumper course or medal round, or even your hunter rounds? When your heart is racing and points are on the line, it can be tough even to remember a good ol’ side-diagonal-side, not to mention trickier elements like jump offs, trot fences, and work offs.

Here are a few tips, straight from a trainer’s mouth, to help you remember your courses easier so you can focus on the details of your going-to-be-awesome ride!

Remember – you practice this stuff at home week after week, year after year so don’t stress! Shows might feel completely different, but in reality, you already have the skills you need.

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